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Wikipedia user: Oliver Korpilla.

Profession: Student of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, Germany.

Over the years I have done some hobbyist historic reading, and contributed, among other things to articles regarding to this topic such as:


Personally I'm very unhappy with the current situation regarding copyright and availability of information. I understand that authors often need compensation or compensation is a strong incentive for writing books and publishing them.

Unfortunately that leaves many relevant sources of scientific information out of the web, and therefore unavailable for direct reference. This is a very bad thing, and heavily impairs progress and education of society as a whole.

I (very naively) hope that this situation will improve in the coming years, making Wikipedia still much more useful as it already is. This would make it the definite information index of the world. Sadly, current and coming copyright legislation - especially from the US - seems to suggest, that the situation will at least get worse before it really improves.